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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Don't Melt

Is your air conditioning not keeping up with the heat like it used to?  It's just not as comfortable as you remember... It may be that you need a freon recharge or it might be a little more complicated and you need a new capacitor. Give us a call to give your A/C a quick review, to replace your filter and clean your compressor, to make sure you're ready for the heat of the summer. We can help you out if you're in Dublin, Hilliard, Columbus or any of the surrounding areas. Don't let the summer heat get you down.

  • Coolant recharging - $600

  • New Capacitor - $450

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Capacitor Replacement

Has your AC unitstopped working during the hottest week of the year? You might need a new capacitor. If the big guys can't get to you until next week, we might be available much sooner.


Capacitor Installation

Get your AC back up and running before your entire family is stuck sleeping in the basement during the dog days of summer.

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