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Ceiling Fans /
Electrical Fixtures

They are designed and implemented to help your home or business save energy.

Mr. Fix It – Electrical Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Find the best residential and commercial electricians in your neighborhood.

Panel Upgrades, Lighting Installation, Electrical Inspections and more!

At Mr. Fix It, LLC, we’re known for our prompt, safe, dependable electrical services. We specialize in making your home or business in Dublin, Ohio, more energy-efficient and compliant with regulations. Plus, we offer many design options to customize your electrical setup just as you want.

We serve clients across Dublin, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

We can fix any electrical problem, even an emergency in your home. Our well-trained technicians have almost 24 years of experience dealing with various situations. If your home needs remodeling or has been damaged by a fire or flood, our professional electricians at Mr. Fix It can assess the damage for you. We will check your electrical system, recommend what needs to be done, and give you a complete estimate for our services. Mr. Fix It can handle it all for commercial or residential electrical needs.

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New Electrical Codes

Electrical fixtures are commonly needed when renovating an older building to meet the needs of new electrical codes or modern electronics. These fixtures come in various types, some for standard wiring, while others are designed for specific uses.


Now, let’s examine some of them closely:

Home Wiring

In homes, regular wiring usually carries power at 120 volts. It's divided into 20-amp and 15-amp circuits. Small things like lamps use 15 amps, while big things like appliances need 20 amps. We specialize in the highest-quality detail work on residential and commercial projects. Mr. Fix It offers efficient electrical installation and upgrade services in Dublin, Muirfield Village, Tarton, and Central Ohio.


An outlet is a necessary part of a wall socket that lets you power up your household or office gadgets. There are different kinds:
A standard 15-amp outlet with a U-shaped slot and two holes. A 20-amp outlet, similar to the standard one but with a horizontal slot. Some older homes have outlets that need an extra part for the ground wire. These outlets usually get updated when the house is sold.

Floor Box

A floor box is a famous electrical outlet that goes right into the floor. It has several sockets, making it easy to plug devices across a big area. Businesses like using sturdy brass or stainless steel floor boxes. Some are even waterproof, with an IP66 rating. They usually have a cover supported by two columns to protect against accidents like stepping on or crushing the Cables.

Tap Adapter

Tap adapters are helpful tools that let you plug many devices into one outlet. They make the outlet more valuable by giving room for more plugs. At home, you often see ones that fit three plugs into a single outlet or six plugs into two outlets. A type also allows a three-prong device to fit into a two-prong outlet. However, this kind is unsafe and is primarily found in older homes.

GFCI Receptacle

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets are built to turn off electricity if they detect water near the power source. They're required in wet places such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and outdoor areas.

From installing commercial lightning security to midsize inside electrical systems.
Mr. Fix It does it all!

Family-Owned Business – Electrical Fixtures

Mr. Fix It is a home electrical company in Dublin, Muirfield Village, Tarton, and Central Ohio that has provided excellent service for nearly 24 years. If you need electrical repairs in Dublin, Muirfield Village, Tarton, and Central Ohio, call us anytime to schedule an appointment. When you reach out to Mr. Fix It, our representative will answer any questions you have about your issue. Our experts promise fast, quality repairs, handling any electrical repair or installation you need, and excellent customer service. Whether in Muirfield Village, Tarton, or Central Ohio, Mr. Fix It is your best choice for all types of electrical work. You won’t have to be in the dark without power.

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