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Ultra Quiet
Sump Pumps

Engineered for virtually silent performance. It is the hardest-working pump you will ever hear.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are automated devices that extract groundwater from sump pits, typically found in basement areas. Their primary function is to remove water accumulated in the pit, collected from a perimeter drainage system installed to prevent basement flooding. Serving as the initial defense against basement water damage, sump pumps are available in various models, each differing in construction materials and performance specifications. To ensure comprehensive basement protection, we strongly advise adding a battery backup system to your primary setup as an additional line of defense. This backup system provides continuous protection, even during power outages. At Mr. Fix It Pumps, we’ve simplified the process of obtaining complete system protection by offering fully assembled combination systems that are pre-plumbed and drop-in-ready for effortless installation.

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Connect to Fix Sump Pump Malfunction

Sump pumps are an imperative daily need. You need help figuring out if you think your sump pump needs to be fixed or if there is something. Connect with us, and we can fix it all for you. Mr. Fix It can help you overcome the hitches you may face with a malfunctioning sump pump. Let us help you select an appropriate model of an upgraded sump pump for your home. Give us a call at 614-596-8396 for free consultancy.

Mr Fix It Sump Pumps serves as the initial defense against basement water damage.

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