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Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Mr. Fix-It is always at your service with an upgrade to the outdated kitchen or bath.

Kitchen and Bath Fixtures

Jason has been providing superior home services for 24 years. In 2019, he began working at a self-owned small business in Dublin, Ohio. Mr. Fix It specializes in kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Our dedicated team works in interior design, construction, plumbing, appliance installation, and more!
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Kitchen – Introduction to the Heart of the Home

As Mr. Fix It Kitchen and Bath Fixtures knows, your kitchen is the center of your house and more than simply a place to prepare food. It is the scene of life. We only provide the best because we think every component of your kitchen should be exceptional. From beautiful faucets to the best plumbing supplies, we want your kitchen to be distinctive. We want to work with you to select fantastic, functional items to make your kitchen the best. Every little detail counts regarding Mr. Fix It Kitchen & Bath Fixtures.

What We Do?

Mr. Fix It specializes in kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Our dedicated team works in interior design, construction, plumbing, appliance installation, and more!


We don’t lie about what we do. Our hard work has made people trust us. We’ve worked with many families and businesses in essential areas. They trust us to fix and build things in their houses. Our work makes homes look better and more valuable.


We offer everything you need to create your ideal bathroom regardless of style. Choose the colors and materials you want to use in your new bathroom. We’ll assist you in locating well-matched items. There are various finishes, such as brushed nickel and chrome. Once you decide on a look, all your bathroom items can have the same finish. This covers shower components, bathtubs, faucets, and other bathroom accessories.


Make Your Kitchen and Bathroom Look and Work Better with New Fixtures by Mr. Fix It LLC.

When to Update the Fixtures?

Your kitchen and bathroom are busy places in your home. Things like sinks, faucets, toilets, and tubs must work well to keep up with daily life. If these fixtures are old and need fixing often, it might be time to update your plumbing. Call a fixture expert at Mr. Fix It at 614-596-8396 for new kitchen or bathroom fixtures that look good and have worked well for a long time.


Does your bathroom appear outdated, unclean, or in need of renovation? To start, replenish your bathroom’s fixtures to give it a new look. Almost everything you need for your bathroom is available at Mr. Fix It Kitchen and Bath Fixtures. We provide a variety of bathroom and shower accessories, including bidets, faucets, sinks, shower systems, cabinets, mirrors, bathtubs, and doors.


New fixtures make your kitchen and bathroom look better and work better. They also have cool features that make cooking, eating, and caring for yourself more accessible. Plus, getting the job done won’t take too much time.

Finishing Touches: Accessories for Style and Use

The little things in your kitchen matter, too. Whether it’s a soap dispenser or a cutting board, these small items improve your kitchen. We have many ideas to help you incorporate into your kitchen routine that look good and work well.

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