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Get Rid of Those Awful Wire Shelves

Did your home come complete with those worthless wire shelves in your pantry and other closets? The ones that seem like they have no other purpose than to allow everything you put on them to fall over five seconds after you turn your back. Replace them with solid wooden shelves and metal brackets. If you have all of the food and containers out of the pantry, it may take Mr. Fix It less a day to have your new shelves installed and ready for use. You can find the shelves and brackets at Home Depot or Amazon. The below image links directly to them.

Try to ignore the massive amount of food, sauces, and snacks contained in this (our) pantry, but rather pay attention to the new shelves and slightly more organized structure of the contents of the pantry. If you would like to upgrade your old wire shelves to something closer to these wooden shelves, give Mr. Fix It a call or shoot us an email today for your FREE estimate.

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