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Hang Your New Flat Screen TV Before the Big Game Arrives

It seems like flat screen TVs are always on sale on Amazon, Best Buy or Target. There is always a bigger, higher res 4K UHC version available as soon as you bought the latest and greatest on the market. This time of year, with all of the Prime Time games and championships, you might find yourself with just such a TV, or maybe you got one over the holidays and haven’t had it mounted yet. Mr. Fix It can help you take care of that before its too late.

We’ve helped many clients transform their living room, bedroom or basement by mounting their latest TV on the wall, freeing up space and protecting those expensive purchases from potentially getting knocked over by roughhousing kids or some other random accident. Amazon has a wide variety of TV mounts, anything from the simple flush mount, to rotating wall mounts with articulating arms.

We can also run the electrical cords inside the wall, if that’s what you’re looking for. See a few examples of previously mentioned TV mounts below availabe on Amazon. Keep in mind that Mr. Fix It is an Amazon affiliate and receives a commission for sales generated from the below links.

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