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Birds In Your Bathroom Vents? Mr. Fix It Can Keep Them Out!

If you have bathroom exhaust vents that have been invaded by birds or other pests in the past due to broken luvered slats or missing pest cages, Mr. Fix It has your solution. We hear from a lot of clients who have noticed the sound of birds or other pests in their bathroom exhaust vents and when they check the outside vent, the cage is missing or slats have been broken off. Mr. Fix It can replace those missing cages or the entire exterior vent. Take a look at some examples below. You can find the right replacement cages at your local hardware store or on Amazon.

If you want to select a specific type of vent to replace lost or damaged vent cages, you can take a look at the vents below on Amazon. If you buy one of the vents linked to below, Mr. Fix It will receive a portion of the proceeds as we are Amazon affiliates.

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